Who Are We And What Do We Do?

Why our lists: We are the ultimate tool to find bargains and cheap products. Simply search a term and let our machine learning tooling find the cheapest products on the market from trusted vendors such as Amazon.

Gone are the days of searching for an item on Amazon and receiving sponsored items way above market price. Filtering by price low to high is broken, with amazon prices changing daily and non-relevant products clogging up the results, it’s a bargain hunters nightmare. This is where comes in.

Purpose of our product: Finding you the cheapest product without sacrificing quality. Our machine learning driven tooling works alongside our devoted team of users to produce lists that are up-to-date, accurate and provide real value.’s Mission: Our mission is to simplify your bargain hunting experience, saving you time and money.

How Does It Work?

How it works: Search for a product and we will show you our best attempt at gathering the cheapest products. scours Amazon and surveys the individual products to make sure the item searched is the item that shows up on our lists. This is then sorted by price low to high. is constantly crawling through Amazon and other major trusted UK retailers to make sure we bring the best deals to you in real-time meaning we are always up to date on all the bargains available.

Improve the system: If you see a product that is not relevant, you can remove it from the list (this helps future users). If you think a product is missing, you can add it. Adding products is simple and quick, check here for a guide. Tip: Try and search for a specific product (‘dog beds for large dogs’, rather than ‘dog beds’).

How Do We Do It?

Technology: analyses millions of products using machine learning, comparing their reviews, cost, and quality to bring you curated lists of the best value and cheapest products on the market. We are working to improve and iterate our machine learning models, but they are not perfect (nor will they ever be). For that reason we rely on a crowdsourced feedback model where readers can remove and add products to lists to improve them. Family

Community: We rely on an active community of committed frugal shoppers to help moderate, add to and remove products from our lists. Finding the cheapest products on the market is much more complicated than simply googling, it requires a seasoned attention to detail. Our community is made up of all types from experienced bargain hunters to those just dipping their toes in the bargain bucket.

Sources: At the moment pulls products exclusively from Amazon (UK). We plan to expand this to other UK retailers very soon. If you are a UK retailer and want to get your products included in our lists then feel free to contact us on [email protected]

User Experience: Our machine learning tools create the initial lists. These are then aided by you, our users, to optimize and create the perfect lists for other users.