About Frug.al

Frug.al analyses millions of products using machine learning, comparing their reviews, cost, and quality to bring you curated lists of the best value and cheapest products on the market.

Frug.al was developed as a technology to ease the lives of consumers. By crawling through major online retailers and marketplaces in real time, we are constantly staying up to date with the cheapest products and best deals available. The data is collected and analyzed by our frug.al family and collated into lists to save the consumer their hard earned money and valuable time.

We are excited to see the Frug.al family grow and our platform continuously improving. At any given moment, prices are changing, bargains are to be had but it is impossible to keep track of where to go and what price is right as an individual. We solve the issue of trying to keep up with bargains as we do all the hard work for you.

Our story.

Our founders ran into a problem that affects almost every shopper at some point in their consumer lifetime. They were in the market for the cheapest printer, but they couldn’t find the highest quality solution for the cheapest price.

They wanted to see a basic list with the best models on the market for the cheapest price, so that they could compare each model side-by-side and choose the printer that best fits their needs. Instead they found that the more they looked, the further away they were from making a decision.

Knowing there had to be a better way to find the best bargains, they got to work on building a platform that cuts out all the waffle and sponsored products and cuts straight to the main issue, Price!

The platform helps consumers simplify their purchasing decisions based on the best value or cheapest product on the market without sacrificing quality.


Since day 1, The Frug.al family continues to stick to the mission that founded the platform:

To simplify your bargain hunting experience,
saving you time and money.

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